imageVisit to the Sleeping Vishnu Temple of Budhanilkantha.
An easy 20 minute walk takes you to the village of Budhanilkantha and the Sleeping Vishnu Temple. The Hindu god, Vishnu, also know as Narayan sleeps cross-legged on a bed of a huge Naga (serpent) with 11 hooded heads. Once a year, at the festival of Haribodhini Ekadashi (October/November) it is said that Vishnu wakes from his slumber and presides over the religious rites across the universe and many Hindu pilgrims come to worship him.

image Walks & Hikes around Shivapuri
There are many walks around Chandra Ban. One of the most popular is a visit to Nagi Gompa, a Buddhist Nunnery, located directly above us inside the Shivapuri National Park.

image Walks & Hikes around Shivapuri
Another walk is to follow the old Boudha to Nagi Gompa path: walking a couple of hours through the forest, one reaches Kopan hill with 3 the great monasteries of Pullahari Gompa, Amitabha Gompa and of course, Kopan itself. See package.
In a different direction there is the White Stupa (in the photo),which is recently completed and offers an incredible panorama of the Kathmandu Valley. It was built to house the holy remains of H.E. Chogye Trichen Rinpoche, of the Sakya Lineage.

image Walks & Hikes around Shivapuri
For the more adventurous there is Baghdwar, the source of the Bagmati, sacred for Buddhist and Hindus alike, and then a further 30minutes up to the Shivapuri peak.

meditation retreat Special Festivals and Pujas
We invite Buddhist Lamas to come and do puja and bless Chandra Ban and all guests! Machig Rinpoche, in the photo, is a regular visitor and also brings a group from Italy for pilgrimage and retreat over the Christamas holidays.

image Special Festivals and Pujas

The Tihar festival, held in October/November, is a particulary enjoyable celebration, when the whole of Nepal is lit up with lights during Laxmi Puja and the local villagers come to Chandra Ban to perform traditional dances including "Deu Si Re".